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Football Insurance

Do you play football and need your income protecting? Football is a brilliant sport to be involved in. From Sunday Leagues to Saturday players, football is without doubt one of the most popular sports in the UK. Unfortunately, alongside the enjoyment of playing football is the risk of injury - torn knee ligaments, damaged ankles, impact injuries, the list is endless as there is always a risk of injury when playing football.

If you were to get injured playing football, could you afford the time off work needed to recover? If the answer is no, then it is important you have football insurance in place. can get you protection, instantly and online. We can cover you if you play football and if you get injured your finances will be safe.

To get football insurance protection simply apply online or type "football" into the search option and you will be taken through the secure online application process.

If you need to make a claim there is a simple, secure claims process to follow. Details of this can be found on or claims page. We can help you get your income protected if you are injured and have to have a period of time off work to recuperate.

You can have single day or annual cover, there are discounts for groups. Once you have applied for your cover you will receive your policy via email, the same day.